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Is a financial intermediary for expats relocating to or living in the Netherlands

We understand that picking up all of your belongings and leaving your extended family to move to another country can be extremely overwhelming.

Yes, you’re excited of course, but it’s also a bit scary, right? All the things you need to get done before you can settle into your new life can give you major anxiety and stress. We want to take off a bit of the pressure for you by taking care of the one thing that excites no one: your personal finance.

We are a team of six and have a combined experience of 30 years in assisting clients with finances in the Netherlands. We offer a wide range of customized financial services and specialize in providing tailor-made financial advice for expats.

Banks will only offer you their own mortgage products. We have access to a multitude of products and lenders. This allows us to match your deal with the lender that is best suited with your profile and goals, in the most timely manner and at the best rate. You will be guided throughout the entire process where we will provide you with high-quality and personal assistance.


Why do expats choose us?

Full support in English

Personal & Responsive

Wide-range of products and services

Guidance throughout the whole process

High flexibility


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