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How to buy a house in The Netherlands?

How to buy a house in The Netherlands?

The How To Buy A House Expat Oriented Organisation Certification

How To Buy A House, organisers of events for expats looking to buy a home have announced the launch of the Expat Oriented Organisation Certification Mark.


Expat Oriented Organistion


Monique Burgemeester, founder of How To Buy A House (HTBAH) came up with the idea of certifying organisations who she partners with based on the criteria she has long used to ensure that the service providers she recommends are structured correctly in order to provide quality services to expats.

HTBAH believe that buying a property in the Netherlands as an expat is not a circus nor an improv comedy act. Buying a home is the most serious financial decision that people make in their lives. It’s momentous and daunting in one’s own country, but when living and working as an expat in the Netherlands, it’s even more important to get the right advice to be able to make the right investment.

The EOO certification is about ensuring that expats are working with organisations who are credible, provide outstanding services and understand the needs of expats.

Buying a home in the Netherlands a lousy comedian
Buying a home in the Netherlands is not a laughing matter

In order to ensure this organisation seeking to be certified need to meet the following criteria.

1. Have an English section on their website

Holders of the EOO certification need to have content available in English on their website. Not just a Google translated version, but information needs to clear and easy to follow and the site needs to provide clear contact details.

2. English speaking staff

An organisation that’s looking to sell services to expats must have staff who are able to communicate both verbally and in writing in English.

3. Clear contracts without hidden or vague clauses

It goes without saying that the contracts of service providers will need to be clear and without any vague or hidden clauses.

4. Contracts translations in English

While some contracts may have to be in Dutch in order to be compliant for Dutch law, EOO service providers must be able to provide their clients with English translations of their contracts

5. Terms and Conditions in English

All terms and conditions should ideally be no longer than a single page and written in English

6. Flexible Opening Hours

There’s nothing more frustrating for expats than having to attend meetings during office hours. All EOO certified organisations have flexible times for meeting their clients

7. Registered in the Netherlands

EOO organisations should be registered at the Kamer van Koophandel (KVK) for at least a year.

8.  Possess knowledge about the needs of expats

Applicants for the EOO will need to be able to demonstrate experience and knowledge about the challenges faced by expats in the Netherlands and be able to provide solutions and services that will support them.

9. Service orientated

EOO members need to be customer focused and be willing to go the extra mile (or kilometre) to deliver quality services to their expat clients.

10. Be nice

A smile goes a long way. Be nice!

If you’d like to apply for the Expat Oriented Organisation Certification please contact us. If you’re already a partner of HTBAH you’ll also need to request this certification.


Not all of our partners will be able to apply for this certification. Notaries, lawyers, banks and accountants are certified by their own professional bodies.


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